Trump cartoons: When you laugh at someone, but the joke is on you

Candidate Donald Trump took the world by storm. Every liberal worth his salt was patting himself on his back as he chuckled at every Trump cartoons. He was the joke at every cocktail party, every late night show, and every liberal website and for every political pundit. After a long, bruising and extraordinarily dirty presidential campaign, guess who’s having the last laugh.

President Trump
That’s right; it seems people on the ground actually identified with the billionaire turned celebrity turned politician enough to actually vote for him. And, in doing so, unleashed a spectacle beyond the collective imagination of most of the world.
Trump memes
He is probably the most lampooned “leader of the free world.” Trump Memes are many and for a good reason.
• The “tweeter in chief,” takes his job very seriously – The job of tweeting that is. He is up at all hours of the night responding to every Tom, Dick, and Meryl who dare to question him.
• He lives in an “alternative” universe. One where things are true, just because he says they are. Facts are mere distractions.
• He gets a lot of his information from the media, specifically conservative radio shows, and Fox News. The remainder of the media universe has been deemed irrelevant and “fake,” first amendment rights be damned.
What can one do?
Well, right now, nothing. Continue chuckling at the jokes, occasionally feel devastated and depressed at the level of political discourse around the world and try your hardest to stay optimistic.
Giving into pessimism is the easiest thing to do right now, but also the most dangerous. If one goes looking, it is easy to find something wrong with pretty much every person you meet. So, don’t give into negativity, do laugh at the occasional Hilary memes that land up in your inbox and toughen up! The world needs the few sane voices still around.