Preventing ideas of harmful effects and lifecycle of Termite

In the world, there are so many eusocial insects among them ปลวก (termite) is a type of eusocial insect. There are so many termites. 3,106 types of termites are described and few hundreds more left. The sizes of termites are usually small. Usually, by length, their sizes measure between 4 to 15 millimeters. The largest termites type isMacrotermes bellicose. The queen of this type is the largest extant termite in length. Its length is 10 centimeters. Another type of giant termite is Gyatermes styriensis. Its length is 76 millimeters. It can be found in Austria.

Most of the termites are divided into four parts such as queen, king, workers, and soldiers. Most of soldiers and workers cannot see because they don’t have a pair of eyes. Hodotermes mossambicus is a type of termite, which has compound eyes. They use these eyes to differing sunlight and moonlight.
Lifecycle of eliminate rodents
As termite is eusocial so it lives together. Most of the workers are female. Males are developed from theunfertilized egg. They become haploid. females and queen become diploid just because they developed from a fertilized egg. The strongest male is king. Depending on colony male and female do their different works.

In their life cycle, most of the termitespass three stages, and that are an egg, nymph, and adult stage. Their life cycle is called incomplete metamorphosis. The development into an adult from nymph takes a month. Food availability, temperatures are the main things, which are depended on by time periods. Nymphs cannot feed themselves. Workers do everything in the colony.
How to prevent the harmful effects of them?
There are some rules to prevent harmful effects of termite. These are
• You should fix leaks immediately
• Vents should keep free from blockage
• Trees and shrubs are not planted too closely
• You should inspect periodically because it will prevent too born termites.