Define the Features of pneumatic cylinders – pneumatic cylinders

There are different types of components are available in the pneumatic cylinders . These types of cylinders are used to produces force in a systematic way with the help of compressed gas. There are many types of components in the cylinder. Which are different according to the size and functions? There are differentiate under three categories first is a telescoping cylinder and second is the double acting cylinder and third is the double acting air cylinder.

• The telescoping cylinder is the mixture of the double acting cylinder and double acting air cylinder. This type of cylinder has a disk that has diameter at increasing rate. The advantages of this type of cylinder are allowed more air as compare to the other single air cylinder that have the same length.
• The single acting cylinder is used to create pressure by the mixture of air to drive the force in the single directions. These type of cylinder have limited advantages it only provide the single position to go in and out the air in the single directions
• The double acting cylinder has two parts that help to allow the car in the in and out stroke. In this type of cylinder, there is no limit on the length of the stroke.
There are many types cylinder available in this category some are rod air cylinder, a rotary air cylinder, and impact cycle cylinder. They are some of the types of cylinders. The construction of cylinder depends upon the specification required in the particular job. The disk cylinder is the common structure of cylinder.
This type of cylinder is suitable for a different range of loads. The size and appearance of pneumatic cylinders are depended on the need required for the job. It can place at any place and also its size is also smaller as compare to the other cylinder. It can move it any directions where you want to move it.